Helping Hobbies that Build Self-Esteem: When you help others, you sometimes help yourself..

Guest Blog by Domonique Chardon 

Here are three hobbies that can help others as well as your own self-esteem.

Volunteering: Whether you’re helping out at a local organization, raising awareness for a particular cause, or fundraising for an issue you believe in — volunteering is an extremely fulfilling hobby.  Getting familiar with issues in your community and more importantly the people and organizations behind them, is a great way to give back and also benefit from the experience. It’s also a great way to make new friends and meet new people that you might not otherwise run into. A kind heart is always remembered.

Baking: You’d be surprised how far one cupcake will go!  Baking is a fantastic hobby that does require some skill and a penchant for hitting the sweet spot; but what I love the most about baking is:  I’m not the only one who can enjoy the results! One may not notice at first, but there are plenty of opportunities to apply baking skills. Aside from baking for special occasions like birthdays etc., I’m a firm believer that any day is a good day for a cupcake! Or a cookie, or cake, or cake pops, or brownies, or  -– you get my drift. The Baker is adored.

Physical Challenge: Let’s face it – not all of us were born athletes or are where we want to be in terms of physical fitness. That’s why choosing a physical challenge as a hobby is difficult; however, it can be most rewarding. Besides improving your health another upside is the various options one can choose from.  There’s literally something for everyone. If you don’t enjoy working out in a gym you can hike, bike or run outdoors. Why not join team in training, a road race, an organized walk or a marathon where all the proceeds go to a great cause. Knowing that you are doing it for others will help push you along.  It’s a win win situation. When you challenge your body, you also challenge your mind. It takes determination to commit to practicing a physical hobby regularly.  As your stamina builds you will become even more determined and you will see results!

Domonique Chardon is a bay area native, young professional, aspiring writer and a spiritual being having a human experience. 

Twitter: Domonique_007

Get Moving! The Link Between Physical Activity and Self-Esteem

Good sleep is a very important part of staying healthy, but so is exercise.  Many teens enjoy sitting around and playing video games or just “hanging out” with their friends. This is fine and actually quite natural for the age group, but movement is important too.  Get outside and go for a walk, ride your skateboard or join a sports team.  Exercise gets the heart pumping and the blood flowing, which causes chemical to release in the brain.  These chemicals are natural mood enhancers that help make you feel good. So get moving, it helps promote healthy self-esteem.

There is actually a link between exercise and self-esteem beyond the “feeling good” aspect.  Teens that are trained athletes and/or play on sports teams tend to have higher self-esteem.  There is something very powerful in pushing oneself further that you expect you can go to really make you realize what you are made of.  The concept of being part of a team and striving toward something together creates a sense of belonging and pride, kind of like a family. Also, trying a new physical challenge can be a huge confidence builder. Like rock climbing a wall for the first time and getting to the top or training for a race with a friend or sister and actually following through.  Finishing something that you started can create such a sense of accomplishment that you won’t be able to not be proud of yourself. This ultimately will boost your self-esteem and make you look at yourself a little differently.

So get your family and friends involved.  Challenge them to try something new or have them train with you. Having a good support system like a team or simply a good friend is key.