What is Self-Concept?

Mom and Dad,

This view differs from self-esteem, and relates to how your child sees herself in the context

of the world. When referring to self-concept, the question “Who am I?” is important.

The foundation of self-concept occurs in infancy with the strong relationship of mother and

child. The formation of age appropriate self-concept is necessary in planting the seeds

for self-esteem development.  Therefore, positive self-esteem is built upon accurate

and age appropriate self-concept.  So everyone once in a while encourage your child to ask herself,

“Who am I?”  It may be interesting to see what she says.

What is Self-Esteem?

What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is how much you like who you are and how much you accept and respect yourself. Healthy self-esteem can serve much like a shield of armor against the challenges of the world.  Self-esteem will change throughout your life, so the key to positive self-esteem is to stay confident in who you are and to surround yourself with good people.

What are some keys to positive self-esteem?

There is no magic formula, but a few surefire ways to feel good about yourself to start you in the right direction

1) Healthy diet- Eat lots of fruits and vegetables; they give you lots of vitamins and energy to keep you moving. So the next time you reach for those chips, grab the apple instead. Drink lots of water- really, it helps. Or… eat a tomato. They can improve your mood!

2) Exercise- If you keep moving, you keep the heart pumping and naturally produced brain chemicals called endorphins run through your body that make you feel good.

3) Positive friends- Hanging around with happy, positive people can make you positive and happy.  Laughing out loud is the easiest way to change your mood and has long lasting effects.  Good friends with positive self-esteem can always rub off on you.