Event: Fireside Chat with Dr Carol Langlois- Nov 17th.

This event is sponsored by Girls Innovate and is part of their TEEN BRUNCH SERIES for girls (12+) who would like to be more involved in the Girls Innovate! community. After a brief Teen Committee meeting, the girls enjoy brunch and a fireside chat with a special guest who is an inspiring female entrepreneur/ innovator.

Goals for this series are to:
Build a supportive community for teen girls to take leadership and be inspired for social impact and innovation.
Provide girls the opportunity to be project leaders: organize and plan brunches, curate talks, meet inspiring professionals and practice communicating effectively.
Create a space for girls to meet each other and be introduced to female professionals who have taken brave and inspiring journeys.
This event is free of charge (bring a brunch item to share) and open to girls (age 12+). Parents are invited to join.

Dr Carol will talk about education, self-esteem and her upcoming book Girl Talk: Boys, Bullies and Body Image.”

To get your tickets, click HERE.

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