Girl Talk

Seventy-five percent of teenage girls with self-esteem issues have reported engaging in negative activities such as smoking, drinking, bullying, cutting, eating disorders, risky sexual behavior, and even suicide attempts. It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s during the grammar school years that females perform equally well or even outperform males academically and at the same time, show signs of well-developed self-esteem. But, once a female enters puberty, her academic performance as well as over all self-esteem gradually declines in the high school setting. Through a series of interviews, my book will give teen girls the validation and understanding for why they feel the way they do. It will give them tools and resources to combat self-esteem issues and empower them to move forward. Through the RAISE (resilience, attitude, independence, self-respect, empowerment) system I have formulated, they will have the tools and resources to combat self-esteem issues and empower themselves to move forward. In addition, parents, teachers and counselors will gain more understanding and insight about the struggles of teenage girls by reading this book.

My book  offers a path to empowered self-esteem. This book will have a strong appeal among teen girls especially because they will be reading about what other teenage girls have to say. Peer to peer information is extremely powerful. This book will also cover background information on self-esteem, but will mainly focus on interviews with teens girls on the topic. We will dive into the factors which contribute to healthy self-esteem as well as those which affect low self-esteem and offer solutions.

Stay tuned……

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