Tips for Dealing With a Bully

1) It’s Not You, It’s Them

Chances are if they are treating you poorly, they have done it to others as well. You are not walking around with a giant target on your back. Trust me, it’s them.

2) Avoid Them

We can all see a bully coming, so if you feel them turning their attention to you, change your space immediately.

3) Show No Fear

If confronted by a bully, be strong and stand up for yourself. Show a bully that you aren’t affected by their words or actions and they will move on.

4) Keep Your Friends Close

They can serve as a great source of support for you even if they don’t say anything. Just having them there when dealing with a bully can help.

5) Talk About It

It’s OK to tell an adult.  If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your teacher, have a friend do it for you. It shouldn’t be tolerated.

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