What do You Think About Coed Sleepovers for Teens?

Question: My 16 year old son has been invited to a coed sleepover. Seriously? This variety of sleep over is new to me. Do I let him go? 

I feel so much more information is needed to answer this question in a truly helpful way. Is this a group event, like a coed slumber party? A one-on-one sleep over? Are they dating or just friends? Are there other siblings around as well acting as a “buffer?” Are the families close? Do you even know the other family? What are the sleeping and bathroom arrangements? LOTS to think about.

Bottom line, I feel this is really a question about sex. Right? Essentially, teens will do what they want to do sexually. Whether it’s in your house, in a car, at a friend’s house, etc. As a parent, you can help guide them to make better decisions by sharing your values and beliefs. Parents who hope to deter their kids from having sex should really discuss this topic with them openly. Has sex been a healthy topic in your house since your son was young? Also, think back to when you were sixteen. You won’t change any teen’s mind about sex by simply telling them not to have it, but you might by sharing your own views.

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