Waking up with a Positive Attitude Every Day

Waking up with a positive attitude really can make or break your day. But not all is lost if you wake up feeling nervous, anxious, or sad for no reason. You just need to know how to turn it around. Similar to how you dealt with a saboteur in an earlier post, practice positive thinking for three to five minutes before you get out of bed.  Keep your eyes closed and remain calm– breathing in and out. You need to tell yourself, “Today is going to be a good day. I am going to have fun with my friends. School is going to be okay,” and so forth.  You have to consistently manage the negative attitude, get out of bed with a clear head, and start the day in a positive space (or at least moving in that direction).  I know this may sound strange, but don’t think too much. Stop constantly second-guessing, questioning, and wondering.  I know blocking out the negative can be exhausting, but what’s the alternative? Being depressed, sad, or angry?  Think of all the energy you waste dwelling on those feelings.

Set yourself up for success before you go to bed.  Have your alarm set to play your favorite song so you wake up in a comfortable space. Or, have a photo of you and your best friends by the bed, something that makes you feel warm or happy. (I’d rather wake up looking at that instead of a bunch of schoolbooks sprawled across the floor.)  Look to that photo first thing in the morning when you wake up. Or maybe it’s a trophy in your room that makes you feel confident or a special ribbon on your wall. Anything that reminds you that you are talented, confident, appreciated and loved will work.

13 thoughts on “Waking up with a Positive Attitude Every Day

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