Perfectionism and Protection- A teen’s Story of Addiction and Control

Dr Carol

 She’s a petite 17-year-old girl, with little makeup and a kind smile. She is an only child. She has good relationships with her friends and loves to talk with them about boys, school stress, and gossip. She would never talk specifically about struggle she’s dealing with at home, but she will hint about them indirectly with her friends. She doesn’t talk to any of her friends about serious issues that she’s dealing with nor does she talk to her parents. I innocently asked, who’s there for you?  Her response,“that’s why I now have a therapist.”  She explained how when she was 16 years old she had everything bottled up inside her and struggled with depression, extreme mood swings and sought solace in drugs and alcohol. She talked about how her depression hit an all-time low at one point and she overdosed. Her drug of choice ecstasy and…

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2 thoughts on “Perfectionism and Protection- A teen’s Story of Addiction and Control

  1. Dr. Carol,

    Every entry I receive on your RSS feed gives me a way in — a way to talk with my two teen daughters about uncomfortable topics. I ask them if they can relate to the profiles you create. I ask them what part resonates with them and I tell them what resonates with me. I use the opportunity to give them reassurance, advice, and send the message that no matter what problems, bad choices, or pressure they’re facing, I’ll still love them. Thanks for helping me reach my girls!

    Best Regards,


    • Elaine– Thank you so much for the kind words. Sometimes you feel very alone out there writing and hoping it connects w/ some people in a positive way.

      You made my week. Thank you!

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