Too Pretty to Do Homework?

As a promoter of teen girls and self-esteem, I was so happy to see the AAUW address this issue. I couldn’t agree more with the statement that it’s hard enough to be a teen girl in today’s society without all of the media outlets bombarding girls with how they should look, dress, and feel.

Did you know the caption next to shirt advertised online read: “Who has time for homework when there’s a new Justin Bieber album out? She’ll love this tee that’s just as cute and sassy as she is.”

Since the T-shirt has been addressed by many groups along with AAUW, recent events have occurred that like to share with you. A great organization by the name of took a stand and contacted the CEO of JC Penney and requested that the T-shirts/sweatshirts be taken down. I greatly respect their decision to pull the clothing and make  a public statement saying that this is the wrong messaging to send to young girls.

Unless something significant is done, we will continue to see these messages find their way into our lives via TV, Internet, magazines and retail stores. How do we make a strong enough and positive contribution to stop this type of messaging?

Too Pretty to Do Homework? « AAUW Dialog.

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