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Summer Workshop for Girls

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The Girl Talk Summer Program

Doctor Carol presents an online summer program experience for teen girls.

Doctor Carol’s book,  Girl Talk: Boys, Bullies, and Body Image is a compilation of 10 teen girls’ powerful and all-too-familiar stories. Dr. Carol also examines each girl’s situation and provides practical advice and workbook questions on how all teens can take control of their life and RAISE (Resilience, Attitude, Independence, Self-Respect, and Empowerment) their self-esteem.

The Girl Talk Summer Program will engage girls online around critical dialogue depicted in the book. Topics to be covered will be peer pressure, bullying, relationship, and relationship building as well as many others. Dr. Carol will teach her RAISE system to the girls in this summer program.

The Girl Talk Summer Program will be an online 2- week program where the girls will engage as a community 90 minutes a day for 2 weeks with Dr. Carol. All girls will be sent a copy of her book and discussions will be formed around identified chapters. As a teen girl self-esteem development expert, Dr. Carol will dive into each chapter’s storyline allowing the girls to share their own thoughts and feelings as well as providing practical tips, tools, and resources. This is a community-building opportunity for teen girls because not only will they be learning about confidence, self-esteem, and empowerment from Dr. Carol, they will be forming relationships, trust, and bonds with each other.

Format: 4 days a week (for 2 weeks) with daily reading assignments.

Time Frame: Monday-Thursdays @ 10am PST  (June- 15th– June 25th- 8 sessions total)

Materials: Every girl that signs up for Dr. Carol’s Online Summer Program, will be sent a copy of her book Girl Talk: Boys, Bullies, and Body Image as a resource.

Cost: The online 2-weeks summer program will cost $200. Please sign up HERE.

Appropriate for girls age 14 through 17