Create a Positive Affirmation List

Why not design a new year’s resolution that’s healthy, manageable and helps promote positive self-esteem.  Create a positive affirmation list. All you need is a notebook or note pad and add one positive trait that you possess to the list daily. These can be physical qualities, as in liking your smile.  Or personality traits, as in thinking you are smart, funny, and/or friendly.  Also you can share talents, like singing or drawing as well as sharing acts of kindness like helping a brother or sister with his/her homework.  Before you know it, the list will grow and by the end of the year you will have 365 amazing qualities that you have realized about yourself and cannot forget. Get your friend’s involved and challenge them to create a list as well. This is a great activity for teens and tweens. I’ll do it too and post to twitter daily @drcarollanglois. If you like, you can share on twitter with me!

I think the first word for my positive affirmation list will be “determined.”

Happy writing.

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